Rombout Thanked, In Letter to Poughkeepsie Journal Editor, for Rescuing a Pet Parrot

Firefighters rescued a precious pet parrot

I'd like to thank the Rombout Fire Department for saving my Quaker parrot. My mom and I had put her outside in her cage for fresh air, but she undid a twist-tie and got loose. She is green and small, so we had a hard time chasing her from tree to tree and spotting her.

When the firefighters came, they helped us chase her. It took a while, but they caught her and brought her home safely. Now my bird, Dazzle, sits at home safe and sound.

I thought my Fourth of July weekend would be ruined by the loss of a pet, but thanks to the Rombout Fire Department, my Fourth was the best one yet. Thank you, guys, for making a 13-year-old happy.

Silena Heine, Fishkill

About Rombout

Rombout is an all volunteer fire company formed in 1971, and is named after the “ Rombout Patent ” which once covered most of the land in Dutchess County, NY. Rombout has about 50 active members, and many more exempt/associate members.

Rombout Fire Company protects the Rombout Fire District. Rombout is one of five fire departments or districts that protect the residents of the Town & Village of Fishkill, NY.

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